and was to be continued

What you see in the picture below is a place for beginnings.

This photo was taken last fall when I had two weeks without any work. I spent one of those weeks in the mountains with my phone turned off. A week for hiking and listening to the sound of nature.  Along with books and boots, I brought my guitar. ”Just in case inspiration happens”, I thought. I had no intention, what so ever, to write music.

However, I couldn't help myself but to write a couple of songs. I found them (or they found me) in the silence, in the stillness. The songs were hidden inbetween my heartbeats.

And here we are. After months and months of hard work – in my home office, in the studio and living, breathing these songs – finally, it's a wrap. The production phase is done. And I couldn't be happier or more excited to be able to share these songs with you in a short amount of time.

So, keep your eyes open, 'cause brand new material will be released soon.

Soon, my friend.


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