This is one of the pictures from the release-concert a couple of weeks ago. It was a magical evening. Only the thought of finally being here, when you also can listen to and enjoy the music. There are no words...

Still, this is the tip of the iceberg. Because what you hear and  see is the result of a whole lot of work. Hard work. Thankfully, I haven't been alone in this. I've been blessed with great people, friends, who joined me in this process. And because of them, you hear what you hear today. You see what you see. So, it's about time I said a huge thank you to them.

First off – the producers, Jalle and Simon at Studio Emanuel. I'm so happy you decided to work with me once again! It's a joy to work with you guys.

For mastering the EP is Oliver Lundström. Wow!

And all of the musicians: Daniel Fält, Hampus Hector, Erik Nilsson, ”Pekka” Per-Emil Jakobsson.

Responsible for what you see: photography by Hanna Wennborg. We had a blast running around taking pictures. And then, we had a struggle picking the ones we wanted to use.

Judit Habbe has done the layout. And wow –  what an amazing result!

To all of the people mentioned above – thank you! Without each and every one of you, there wouldn't be any Silverlinings. You've done a great job. I'm simply in awe.

Thank you for being a part of Silverlinings!

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