STARDUST - the tale of the song

I love looking at the stars. To feel small, being reminded of that there's more to life. There's few things in life that makes me feel as harmonized as this. Perhaps we all need to spend (or invest) some time in looking at the stars...

Stardust is one of the songs that made me feel rather than understand how amazing music is. Sometimes you can take one song, put it in a different surrounding, a brand new environment, and it gets a whole new meaning.

I had brought my guitar to the centre where the refugees were living. I sang Stardust. Suddenly, the perspective shifted. With their stories and recent experiences the lyrics reached another level. It was whispering:

Even if you're far away from home, in a foreign country, far away from your loved ones, you're living and breathing under the same stars. The moon that you look upon and whisper your prayers to is the same moon that your mom, dad, sister, brother or friend is looking at. Perhaps right now. And suddenly, the moon and the stars are your connection to one another. For a second, your loved ones doesn't feel that far away.

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